NHL Elo Ratings & Playoff Predictions

Welcome to NHL Elo Ratings. Using some statistics and mathematics I calculated Elo ratings using games dating back to the NHL 2013-14 season. My name is Jacob Grishey and I am an avid NHL fan. I am personally interested in these ratings and I hope that you will be as well. These are for the 2017-18 season and I hope to continue them in future seasons as well. Playoff chances and Stanley Cup percentages are based off of 100,000 runs of a simulation. These ratings will be updated every single morning after games are finished. Bookmark this page so you can get up-to-date ratings and playoff chances!

Switching between "BASIC" and "ADVANCED" views gives you different statistics!

Thank you for your interest!

Contact: [email protected] with any inquiries or issues. I am not affiliated with the NHL in any way.

Last updated: 22 October 10:00 PM ET